Saturday, February 17, 2007

CapecodToday: Paulette's Travel Trip
Jet Blue's not riding so high is unfair....
02/17/07 · 11:56 am
posted by Paulette

At least they had free TV to watch

Jet Blue is not riding so high these days after the bad publicity surrounding the stranding. But passengers on other airlines were also stranded and I wonder what--if any--compensation they received

(Not to mention that only Jet Blue had TV for the passengers to watch all while they were waiting, although watching something like the Food Network for 8 hours when you haven't eaten anything may not be such a good thing.)

Anyway, Jet Blue refunded the money passengers paid for the flight, flew them free later, and gave them a coupon good for a free ticket for future travel. Did the other airlines do that?
JetBlue has always been generous to their passengers. Once on a Jet Blue flight (I take them whenever pssible because they're the best of all the airlines which may not be saying much) when my TV went out for 10 minutes, I later received a discount coupon of $10 toward a future flight to compensate me for the (minor) inconvenience.

Another time, when my luggage was on a later flight than I was, they gave me a $50 coupon.
Still another time, when my luggage was damaged -- and there was no proof that they were responsible -- they gave me $100 as compensation for luggage that probably didn't cost me that in the first place.

So let's cut them a little slack, OK? They may not be perfect, but they do try harder. And they're a lot better than the competition. Which unfortunately may not be saying much.

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