Monday, February 26, 2007

Yaminah - The Prequel

I posted her correspondences earlier, but missed her first email.

Here it is!

hi gen!

what's the word on the jetblue happenings? i tried to rebook my trip using the e-vouchers they sent. come to find out that the voucher doesn't actually exist yet. wtf? i wrote them a complaint letter with some demands (this was before i tried to use the voucher) just because i don't think we were fairly compensated for the time we were held up in that plane. let me know what's been going on and how your meeting was with mr. neeleman. why don't they get that there is a major difference between being inconvenienced by weather, having a flight canceled/delayed, and being kept captive in a plane for 10 hours? all we wanted was to get off! below is the letter that i sent to them. do you have a plan of action? are you trying to gather up folks who were on flights that were stuck on the ground for 8+ hours? are you thinking about a legal battle? or do you just want to make our voices heard? let me know if you have a plan and what i can do to help.

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