Wednesday, February 21, 2007

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Jetblue Will Lose Millions from Winter Incident
“I don’t blame our customers for being upset with this,” David Neeleman, CEO of Jetblue commented about the recent events plaguing the airline. For Saturday and Sunday, it pre-cancelled 23 percent of its schedule in order to reset their operation. That includes all flights to and from: Austin, Bermuda, Charlotte, Columbus, Houston, Jacksonville, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Portland, Raleigh/Durham, and Richmond.

One flyer has created a blog for the “Jetblue Valentine’s Day Hostage Crisis” at Jetblue has, either way, certainly not made anything better. Although other airlines have cancelled many flights, Jetblue’s response to this weather crisis is proving to have been a massive disaster. On Thursday night, Jetblue closed out all flights, no longer accepting check-ins and actually had the police close the counters for them.

If they don’t fix this problem soon, no one will be flying them. Despite the fact that other airlines have and did delay passengers and cancel flights, only Jetblue’s situation is getting an intense level of press.

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