Friday, February 23, 2007

Dear JetBlue

Dear JetBlue

What is it you REALLY want from me?
Is your granting me an audience with Neeleman a genuine attempt at healing?
Or a thinly veiled attempt at buying full control of your brand image off of me?

I bought on Feb 16.

Who owns The day after you emailed me about meeting with your CEO and founder, you registered the .net extension of my domain. Coincidence?

If you ask my friends about me at all, they’ll tell you that the best and worst thing about me is my bluntness, my compulsive need to be straight up and honest with someone. I’m not one for mincing words or being kind. I’m a straight shooter and if you catch me on the right day, it’s downright endearing.

I’ve never been a fan of duplicity. I'm also not a fan of sensationalism in my personal life, I'll leave that to

So I’m asking you, on a public forum to be candid. Are you on the “charm offensive” as an attempt to appeal to the person in all of us who want to be accepted by the popular guy only to do the old bait and switch with me? I respect honesty so much more.

It is standard practice for business to protect their brand identity by securing domains that pair up their brand with negative connotations. Is this “meeting” because one happened to slip thru the cracks? One emotionally charged word plus your almost spotless Brand. The one word that still conjures up thoughts of 9/11?

9/11. After a pretty heavy educating of the history of JetBlue last night, I was told (still unconfirmed by my own research) that the Feb Debacle of 2007 was only the latest of Neeleman’s public mea culpas.

After 9/11, JetBlue (allegedly) was a very bad boy. I’ll get more into that as I do the research on my own.

This weekend, I’ll be buried up to my ears in documentation. Meeting with two people who were on my flight. Multiple telephone calls to make to Ruth and others and about 75 pages in printed out emails to read thru.

As always, I’ll still be looking forward to emails from your fans and your detractors. Until we meet again.


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