Sunday, February 25, 2007

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I'm sure you heard about the Jet Blue debacle last week, due to inclement weather, where some passengers were forced to stay on a grounded plane for 11 hours, waiting for the weather to clear...

Well, yes you guessed it. A MySpace page has popped up by an angry victim of the terrible, no good, very bad day of some Jet Blue customers.

The page reads, "My Name is Genevieve and I was a passenger on JetBlue #351 on Valentines day along with my boyfriend Charlie. We were en route to LA for Valentine's day before we ended being held hostage for 11 hours on the frozen tarmac at JFK."

Genevieve is looking for other angry customers to commiserate with her. In her "Who I'd Like To Meet" section, it reads, "People who were JetBlue hostages on Feb 14.

People inconvenienced by the poor decision making and planning of JetBlue Coporate. People abused and neglected by JetBlue employees."

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