Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm a hostage too

If you were on any of the Jet blue flights on Valentine's Day that held you hostage on the tarmac while your Valentine's day was ruined please email me at JetBlueHostage@gmail.com.

Send me your experiences and I'll post it here.


More to come on this blog as well as my experience with Jet Blue.

Additionally, I'm trying to find a way make sure that us long term hostages (11 hours on the JFK tarmac,) are compensated differently. Apparantly, if you were held for 3hours or more you get ONE FREE roundtrip ticket. How come people held for 8 hours, 10 hours and 11 hours aren't compensated differently. It should be weighted differently.

Anyway, like I said, contact me at JetBlueHostage@gmail.com .

If you are on Myspace, make sure to add: www.myspace.com/jetbluehostage.



Todd said...

I heard on the news that anyone stuck for >3hours was elgible for a refund AND a roundtrip voucher.

Did anyone else get that?

I was stuck in Boston on the plane for 4 hours. They ONLY gave me a refund.

DadEO said...

The entire DadLabs production crew recently spent 18 hours in the jetBlue terminal at JFK. It was Valentine's Day.

So we're bitter. But when life gives you lemons, make poetry.

So we are inviting you, creative DadLabs passengers, to help us shake our puny fists at the man. Submit your poetry that decries/commemorates the recent airline meltdown in the comments here. The bitter editors at DadLabs.com will then select the best poem in each division and and award it a $50 gift certificate at our DadLabs store.

Our poetry contest has two divisions:

The jetBlue Haiku
Show the airline your 5-7-5


Enter our "Roses are Red/I Flew jetBlue" category with a variation on the famous verse.