Monday, February 19, 2007

Colleen's Other Perspective: JetBlue Bankruptsy

On 2/19/07, Colleen wrote:

Just to give you another outlook on this: If they are to compensate everyone by the number of hours stuck at the airport, the airline may eventually go out of business or their low rates will become a thing of the past. They already lost alot of money from this I'm sure. The end result will be unsafe flying conditions by flying in dangerous weather or forcing exhausted pilots to fly, risking passenger lives instead of canceling or postponing flights.

My Response:
I'm fighting for the rights of people stuck in planes for over 8 hours. Those are who I started this blog for and I feel should be compensated accordingly. There's a finite amount of us.

I do believe that the thousands of people who spent days in the airport, (also awful conditions,) should be allowed a voice here. But I can't even wrap my head around how to compensate them because I don't know how I would feel, or what in my life was compromised since i didn't live thru it. Since i started this blog, so many of them started writing me, and it would be unfair not to allow them to represent themselves too.

I don't want JetBlue to go out of business, I love JetBlue. But if they go out of business because of this mistake, (I hate to say this but) someone else will come along and take their same business model and there will be a new JetBlue. Delta Song tried to grab that market but failed because of the success of JetBlue. (I loved flying with them, i quite enjoyed their entertainment console. And I liked how cheeky and fun they always were.)

Again, I would be devastated if JetBlue went away, I love them, but what happened to me and the people on my plane and the plane stuck next to our plane for hours on the tarmac was physically, mentally and emotionally jarring. A free round trip ticket just isn't enough. And I don't think anyone disagrees with me. (At least not too much.)

Safe Travels Colleen!

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