Friday, February 23, 2007



It was a week ago at around 3pm that I started Out of curiosity, I did a domain search for And what do you know? One of ‘em slipped thru the cracks didn't it, JetBlue? With the magic of URL forwarding, we were born.

It was a week ago that JetBlue admitted they made a mistake. The biggest "no-shit-sherlock" statement of 2007.
It was a week ago today that I received one of the thousand or so emails that started going out. "A roundtrip ticket equivalent to the amount you paid when booking this reservation" for all people held "hostage" for longer than three hours.

This is when some simple math is appropriate.
630 Boarding time
500 Shuttle Relief
10.5 Hours in the comfort of 32" in leg room

3 < 10.5

A 6.5 hour disparity sparked the birth of this blog.

Up to then, "The Valentine's Day Hostage Crisis" it was just another unwritten post in my oft neglected blog

Instead of spending my Valentine's Day with my family, who had arranged to travel to LA from the Bay Area, my friends in LA and Charlie, I commiserated with the other passengers on JetBlue #351.

Setting out to find a way for the long-term "hostages" to be compensated accordingly was my search for India. Of course I stumbled onto you and you, me. And I have never been more grateful. Thank you.

Thanks to Yours was the first site to link to us. And honestly, this would be nothing NOTHING, if you didn’t give the very first track back to us.

Thanks to CNN and Abbie Tatton and the people at The Situation Room.

Thanks to Charlie and Ruth and David. Y’all are the information trifecta. Let’s fight the good fight.



yaminah said...

i was on 351 as well! and jetblue continues to give me grief. i'm trying to reschedule my travel and the voucher that they sent by email is not ready yet. if it wasn't ready, why send it to me? and the person at 1800jetblue was so not helpful. she said i have to buy my new ticket out of pocket and then wait for them to refund me. and if there is a price difference in travel plans, i have to pay the difference (and of course there will be because airfare always goes up after feb., which is why i decided to travel in feb. in the first place) i've sent a letter of complaint already, but i'd love to commiserate with you more about the whole experience and what can be done to truly make amends for our day of false imprisonment.

genstarchild said...

Yaminah-Email me at and lets talk.