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I have no idea who wrote this. It was sent to me at It was sent to me from a Myspace profile that was anonymous. I'd love to know who the actual author is. Whoever you are, we're not worthy.

It's an absolute MUST READ. JetBlue Advocates and Victims, Discuss amongst yourselves.

I have a slew of additional factual commentary...let me know if you would like more.....

Jet Blue's passenger "Bill of Might's" Comb through the Jet Blue web site, and laudatory "Press Releases" abound. The airline, from prior to inception through present day has been unrelenting in it's willingness for self-promotion and the corporate mantra of returning "humanity" to "air travel". In defining air travel in general as an "inhumane" experience, Jet Blue has seemingly exposed a willingness to place itself upon a very high pedestal. The effect of such a pre mediated assault upon perspective passengers, other airlines, and the press has been, for the most part, robustly lauded. It defies belief, that prior to Jet Blue suddenly and unexpectedly imploding upon itself during Valentine's Day 2007, that the airline hadn't fashioned a "press release" identifying itself as the "only airline to conduct nearly full operations at JFK, while all other airlines left passengers stranded!". Very simply, the expectations of Jet Blue were that this specific weather event would ultimately become "just another" proverbial feather in the airlines cap. The failed, and seemingly cascading, results of such an emboldened approach have been reported to the point of nauseam.

Jet Blue, upon cognitive recognition that its storm related failure, and subsequent efforts to "reboot" operations, were morphing into a twenty-four hour news cycle headline, abruptly assumed a "Management" led campaign of contrition. The culmination of this posture was a "humiliated" and "mortified" Chief Executive assuming full responsibility, apologizing, and proclaiming that a "Bill of Rights" for Jet Blue passengers would be quickly forthcoming. The carrier, appeared to be shrewdly "back atop it's game" for crafting the "message" it wished to be conveyed to the traveling public as a manifestation of the "inhumane" failures endured by it's passengers during the storm.Yet, both a passive and a vigilant reader/advocate will find that although, Jet Blue's "Bill of Rights" is unique in defining precise re-numeration directly correlated to passenger "exposure" time, it is a truly hollow promise. Had the Management of Jet Blue been wholly engaged and wanting to formulate a "Bill of Rights", they clearly would have realized that creating a "self imposed" standard that would be "self policed "is the height of insincerity and hypocrisy. The only true process by which a "Bill of Rights" would possess any "teeth" is by way of electing to have an independent entity oversee and determine it's rightful application. Jet Blue's "Bill of Rights" is a disingenuous farce, meant to un tarnish a blemished image due to a self inflicted malady.

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Jet Blue Hostage "Crew Member" said...

First Amendment to the Jet Blue "Bill of Might's"

-Jet Blue Airways shall endeavor to CENSOR any and all attempts made by Citizens of The United States of America, or individuals residing outside the contiguous borders of The United States of America, to gain access and/or rights to Internet domain names that possess any negative connotation towards the Jet Blue Airways name.

HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL- Strictly for the eyes of B6 Management, Employees, and Operators of Greyhound Busses....oh and, of course anybody participating, posting, or assisting in the web site :-)

Jet Blue Airways Corporate Mandate
B6-Bill of Might's-Amendment #1

It is hereby resolved:

1) It is the responsibility of any/all employees (i.e. Crew Members) of Jet Blue Airways to be immediately engaged in the search for any/all words that possess a negative connotation.

2) All words that possess a negative connotation are to be immediately submitted to the Jet Blue Airways Sub-Committee for Word Association.

3) The Jet Blue Sub-Committee for Word Association shall, effective immediately, become an active an equal Jet Blue Corporate Department, possessing equal powers as the present Jet Blue Airways Sub-Committee for Censorship.

4) Both the Jet Blue Sub-Committee for Word Association and Jet Blue Airways Sub-Committee for Censorship shall directly report to the Jet Blue Airways Sub Committee for Total Passenger Control and Quality Assuredness for Preventing Staleness of In-Flight Terra Blue Chips.

5) Sources to be used in the Jet Blue Airways Corporate effort to search for any/all words that possess a negative connotation, include, but are not limited to the following: The American Heritage Dictionary, Cambridge Dictionary, New Oxford American Dictionary and Webster's Dictionary. If any Employee or Manager of Jet Blue Airways is either unaware or unfamiliar with what a "dictionary" is, they are immediately directed to submit a "Jet Blue Left-is Right and Right-is-Left Employee Grievance Form" (JBA Form #6QG9T5A77M9P-W2507QV5E480.00204W/YY048LSD-70026-8 which is not to be confused with JBA Form #6QG9T5A77M9P-W2507QV5E480.00204W/YY048LSD-70026-9, both of which are contained within JBA Training Manual SRG6IOD44KLL00FFYBBKE56-04973JFNELF86WJKSHJVL487620) to their respective Manager. Submission of such a form may result in immediate promotion, yet any and all promotions are subject to approval of the Jet Blue Airways Sub-Committee for the Proper Landscaping of All Jet Blue Owned Property Safety.

6) All approved words submitted to the Jet Blue Airways Sub-Committee for Word Association , possessing a negative connotation, immediately become the property of Jet Blue Airways.

7) Employee adherence to the Jet Blue "B6-Bill of Might's-Amendment #1" is mandatory. Any Jet Blue employee who submits a word, may be subject to immediate termination and replacement by an "active" Jet Blue employee who is either unaware or unfamiliar with the existence of dictionaries.

This Amendment is to be effective immediately as of June 23, 2002.

Signed into Effect,

Jet Blue Airways Management & The International Lobby For Central Air-Conditioning