Monday, February 26, 2007

Katty's Two Cents (On my plane too!)

One Cent-

They obviously need to revamp Jet Blue's entire infrastructure of travel agents and intra-company communication system. They also need a hard and fast rule about not being able to hold passengers on a plane longer than three hours. For instance, they will pay a penalty to travelers if they break their “three hour” flight, so people at least feel like they have some protection/compensation. I.E., for every hour passengers are kept on the plane exceeding three hours, they should reimburse the customer a $100 per hour.

I can’t believe one quick storm took down an entire company that seems to have been fine for so long. Since our “flight,” when people found out I was on the plane, everyone had some story about how they were held on the tarmac forever on their last Jet Blue flight. Like seriously...EVERYONE! The trust is gone. And they need to institute some security blanket like an airline penalty so people trust them again.

As for our flight, in particular...I honestly think we should be seriously monetarily compensated. And not just 150% of what the price of our ticket was, but thousands of dollars (10-20-40G?). It would be cheaper for him than everyone on our flight suing him. I have never thought about suing anyone in my’s not my body is still so fucked up from being all cramped up for that long, I can’t even wear my backpack. Also, I’ll never get my friend’s movie premiere back...or the meetings I had planned for that Friday. I had lots riding on both Thursday and Friday, and by the time they finally released us/officially canceled our flight...I couldn’t even get to LA till Saturday, so I scrapped my trip altogether. If they had let us off earlier, I could have at least took control and taken a train to Baltimore and flew west from there. By the time they released us, no one had flights left.

Not to mention, I’m a very chill person most of the time...but now, crowded subways are inducing fucking panic attacks when the train slows or stops between stations. It’s nuts! The costs of physical therapy, pilates sessions and a good shrink (with meds!) will cost me a butt load. Boo!!!


Two Cents

Just saw the story on the today show that Jet Blue has beaten me to a lot of the ideas I wrote you about. The Mardi Gras haze of last night is starting to lift. Other than the big payout for us...something else that would be helpful when a plane is delayed is that they should have someone waiting for people as they deplane to help them figure out what their next step should be. And at least four people on the ready to rebook that entire flight vs. us wandering around the terminal lost. ESPECIALLY when they know bad weather is heading an airport’s way.


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