Monday, February 26, 2007

Jon G in SUPPORT of JetBlue.

Jon G

Despite what happened in the last week with Jet Blue, they're already heads and shoulders above most airlines, the majors included. In my opinion anyways. That the CEO is talking the straight dope about their short comings and offering solutions and apologies is huge in my book and further concretes my love of the company. If I have to fly in the continental U.S. and Jet Blue flies there, I take Jet Blue.

Of course I say this without experiencing what you experienced, so take that for whatever it's worth. They're still a great company and I hope this doesn't tank them. I just wish they went more places, LAX specifically. Long Beach sucks. I'd fly to California more frequently if they landed in LAX. It'd almost be worth it to cut out 6 hours from that 13 hours to Japan.

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