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Held Hostage Upon A Jet Blue Aircraft for 1 Year, 4 Months, and 16 Days

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Held Hostage Upon A Jet Blue Aircraft for 1 Year, 4 Months, and 16 Days

How much do you value 1 minute of your LIFE?
How much do you value 1 hour of your LIFE?
How much do you value 1 month of your LIFE?
How much do you value 1 year of your LIFE???

Debate has, rightfully, grown out the "naming" associated with the web site. Yet, the question "what's in a name?" is often of great societal merit. Language that is termed by some as being "harsh rhetoric" is often the stimulus for creating valued debate. To all of those whom believe, , is either unfair or too harsh in regards to assimilating the word "hostage" with "Jet Blue", I would suggest rereading---The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America...specifically...."...or abridging the freedom of speech...". Fortunately we reside in a Country wherein entities such as Jet Blue can endeavor to censor our respective "freedom of speech" by rapidly securing the rights to domain names that may bode unfavorably upon it's actions, service, or reputation. Yet, Jet Blue do NOT possess the power to impinge upon the freedom of an advocate "for the people" such as Gen, who rightfully and legally has provided us a forum within which to express our respective opinions, and in doing so she does not have to fear any possibility of being illegally muted. Before, anybody participating upon the dares to consider Gen, or anybody else associated with the site as twisted or evil, all they need to do is reference their daily newspaper and "uncover" the name of a United States Soldier killed upon the battlefield. One of the fundamental requisites of such a sacrifice is to "uphold" the Constitution, the very same one that allows for a site entitled to exist.

Anybody and everybody has the right to be in absolute disagreement with the paragraph above, yet the following data is irrefutable and pertains directly to both the title of this posting, and the four "time" questions referred to thereafter.

*January 2007, Jet Blue reports an average of 76.1% capacity upon it's aircraft.
*Jet Blue Airbus A-320 aircraft are configured to seat 150 passengers (NOTE: I do not know if any EMB-190 aircraft were deployed by Jet Blue during the Valentine's Day 2007 debacle. All of the numbers below are based wholly upon Airbus A-320 aircraft. Furthermore, the 76.1% capacity total above for the month of January was inclusive of passengers flying aboard EMB-190 aircraft)
*Utilizing the January 2007 capacity figures released by Jet Blue of 76.1%, and the seating capacity of Jet Blue Airbus A-320 aircraft, a logical/reasonable assumption can be calculated that each of the Jet Blue aircraft that were left stranded upon the JFK apron carried approximately 114.15 passengers.
*No absolute number of aircraft "impacted" has been cited, thus an approximation has been utilized based upon 10 Jet Blue A-320 aircraft holding their respective passengers hostage for an average of 10.5 hours.
* 10 Jet Blue Aircraft holding 114.15 passengers hostage for an average of 10.5 hours, results in a total of 12,032.55 total "man hours" of being held captive by Jet Blue.
*12,032.55 total "man hours" of being held hostage by Jet Blue results in a total of 501 days of captivity.
*501 days of being held hostage by Jet Blue equates to 41.75 months of captivity.
*41.75 months of being held hostage by Jet Blue equates to 1 YEAR 4 MONTHS & 16 DAYS of being a hostage.

Unfortunately for Mr. Neeleman, numbers don't lie, and a $300 voucher to fly upon "his" airline again is rather hollow reimbursement for "stealing" a cumulative 1 year, 4 months, and 16 days of human life...not much "humanity" in that Dave!

Thank you on behalf of your...friendly Jet Blue Hostage Crew Members

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