Saturday, February 17, 2007

Micahel R's Experience. TEH SAGE STILL CONTINUES!

Two days after their Valentines Day Massacre the pain continued.

They should be embarrassed. I connected from Cancun, thru JFK, to Burlington VT on Friday Feb 16. The flight was supposed to leave at 10:50 pm, they kept on delaying it. First an hour, then a half hour, then more, then more again. Several of us told them to cancel at 12:00. We knew we were being lied to and they did it. Their best intentions were garbage. At 2:00 am, they had pilots on the plane, the plane cleaned and loaded with luggage, and then they called us to the gate, made us wait a tense fifteen more minutes, then cancelled the flight. They didn't have flight attendants. How could they be so disorganized that as they continued to delay a flight, they don't know the status of their attendants? Now all flights are booked for two days, there are no rental cars, and we are abandoned in Queens. I went to get my bag, and there is a sea of humanity trying to find bags. Bags are piled everywhere, people are waiting 45 minutes to 4 hours for a bag that won't show. I gave up and went to the baggage office to fill out a lost baggage form. No forms and no employee. He's gone to find more forms. I abandoned my bag. I took the Airtrain to Manhattan, spent $219 on a hotel, then caught the train to Vermont today. I am out $219 for hotel, $54 for train, $20 for winter clothes (my winter clothes were in my truck in VT), $50 in food, a flight I never used, and countless waited time. What are they going to do about it? How are they going to get my bag back to me? It has a name tag. I really need some good answers.

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