Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Seth Godin's blog: WORD OF MOUTH GOD. I LOVE YOU.


He's Brilliant. I used to work in the Word Of Mouth Space for Disney. I read all his books and I love this guy. I actually think his reponse is brilliant.

(Taps finger on chin. Inside joke with me and some friends.)

Many people have dropped me a line about JetBlue. Here's my simple prescription:


This is a Native American term for a ceremony involving dancing, feasting, and the most memorable part: giving someone too much. If I ran JetBlue, I'd go to each of the people affected (and it's not that many) and give each person 40 free round trip tickets. Or maybe 50. More than any person could use for a long, long while. Let them fly with as many friends as they like until they've used up 50 seats.

When the world is focused on your actions, magnifying your response is almost always a good idea. Not panicking is a good idea too, and it seems as though they've got that part covered.

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