Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Your Stories

Hi All,

I got a little lost in what I've posted and what I haven't already so I'm just going to go post crazy here and put up a bunch of stuff. If some of it is redundant, I'm sorry.

You guys are also going to get a SWEET treat tomorrow. I'm putting up a BUNCH of really delicious information from the same guy who wrote the Bill of Mights and the amendment to the Passenger Bill of Rights. His name is David and an incredible source and support system.

THANK GOD FOR DAVID, RUTH, MIKE, CHARLIE, ROB and every last person who has ever written in to me.

I'm going to post up today's news articles and then wake up early tomorrow morning and give you a yummy David information feed.


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Sarah said...

Dear Gen, Really quickly--I was stranded (as a paying passenger) in Dallas on Sat. for 26 hours and I was the lucky one. Here is what I observed about the airlines' handling of weather delays.

1. Even though the weather might clear in 4-5 hours, the airlines cancel flights so that the next days' business is not disrupted. That is to say: If an inbound plane due in at 10 am can finally land at 5 pm, the airline just says, "No nevermind, stay where you are and just resume the 10 am schedule tomorrow. It costs us nothing if these stranded passnegers have to pay inflated prices for hotel rooms, but if we have to fly the plane all night to get everybody home (yes, I understand noise restrictions), it would cost too much."

2. The airline employees dealing with a delay treat stranded passengers like we emergency-room patients without insurance. "Yes, I know you have to get home, we will get you there, but in the poorest way and with the worst attitude." It seems that these employees know how the carriers cut cost and are embarrassed about it. Well, yes they are an extension of the company they work for. If they choose to work for an unethical company, and I am upset by the company's cutting costs, then yes, I am upset with you, the employee. No, I am not suggesting that YOU started the storm. The weather becomes irrelevant.

3. Neeleman founded a company on budget-minded target markets. Therefore, if someone plans a 3-day trip to NY with X budget and becomes faced with 5 more days of hotel bills, missed days at work back home because of that AND an inflated walk-up ticket on another carrier, well, for any other product or service, the manufacturer would be liable for additional costs incurred. Neeleman is ignoring his bread and butter altogether. (Not to mention his employees, which no one could find.)

4. Going on tv and saying, "I am humiliated." Doesn't cost a cent and doesn't get anyone home safely.

On Sat., stranded in Dallas in lots of chaos, I heard many, many American Airlines passengers saying, Thank goodness this isn't JetBlue"
Sarah Gorman, editor

Flight Attendant Magazine

Sarah Gorman, editor

Flight Attendant Magazine