Tuesday, February 20, 2007

NPR Christian Science Monitor

If you wanna listen for yourself.

As always NPR is mighty informative.

And of course Christian Science Monitor is wonderfully insightful.

The Christian Science Monitor (CSM) is an international newspaper published daily, Monday through Friday. Started in 1908 by Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the Church of Christ, Scientist, the paper does not usually use wire services and instead relies largely on its own reporters in bureaus in eleven countries around the world. Many of the newspaper's staff editors and reporters are Christian Scientists, although membership in the church is not a requirement for employment.

Despite the name, the CSM is a newspaper that covers current events around the world, with a secular focus and writing style. The paper professes that its purpose is not an attempt to evangelize.[1] With the exception of a daily religious feature know as The Home Forum, the content represents international and US news.

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