Thursday, February 14, 2008


Hi Ya'll,

Long time no talk. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you. It was about this time last year that I was about 8 hours in to a hostage crisis with Jet Blue. Since then, Charlie's had back surgery, I've developed a fear of Blue Chips (I kid,) we moved to a new city and I've fallen in love with Virgin America. Yes, I still fly you, JetBlue. Sometimes there's just no way around it.

Today was the last day you could legally file a lawsuit against JetBlue Corp for the false imprisonment of the passengers of the 9 planes stranded on the tarmac at JFK on February 14, 2007. I hope if that is the route you are going to pursue, that you've done it before today, when the statue of limitations expires. I'm still getting media offers so it looks like the story hasn't died yet and with any luck, this will never, ever happen again. JetBlue can take thier voucher worth the amount you purchased your roundtrip ticket and shove it.


Charlie and I are going to relive our first Valentine's day by sitting tonight for 10.5 hours. But this year we're going to do it in the privacy of our house watching the Blade Runner Box set. All five discs, 583 minutes, or 9.6 hours. We'd still have to kill an hour after that to be true to our anniversary, but I'm sure we'll come up with SOMETHIGN to do. At least we'll have food. And the freedom to walk out the house. And use the bathroom. And not have a crying baby sitting right behind me. (You were really cute when you weren't crying.)


PS-IF you are interested in pursuing legal action, and I'm not telling you to, cos it's your individual choice, please contact me at I've retained a lawyer who is familiar with this case and many like it.