Tuesday, February 20, 2007

From Genevieve to the Readers

Hi Guys,

It's been crazy. I've fudged the dates of this Blog to make the postings go in a certain order but this blog is only 4 days old. FOUR DAYS OLD. So many emails. So many surprises.

I have so much to catch up on right now. I have a day job so I still have to read thru the JetBlue Passenger Bill Of Rights. But on first glance, doesn't seem enough does it? Be patient with me while I wade thru all this information. I also have to listen to this morning's NPR's morning show with Brian Lehrer, he interviews Alexandra Marks from the Christian Science Monitor. So a lot to process before I can formal give my opinion on anything.

I've never claimed to be an expert in Passenger Rights or have the answers to anything. I just wanted to aggregate all the information I could get and give people with something to contribute a voice to be heard. I'm also only one person with a full time job, so be a little forgiving with me. (Not that any of you have complained.)

Before I go do my homework for the night I wanted to write my next blog.

So signing off on this.

Thanks to Ruth for everything you contributed, you're my new virtual best friend. Thanks for listening to me and spoon-feeding me information and listening to my sob stories. You lend credibility to me and all of us. Thanks Charlie, Sunny, Jessica, Myspace, Blogger, Ahmir and everyone for being my enabler.


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