Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Heart Hustler of Culture

From the Hustler of Culture

read your post to the HATERS. fuck them.

no corporation big or small should be able to diss their loyal
customers as such. jetblue is a *GREAT* company and they'll do the
right thing... eventually. sometimes it takes a minute for people to
realize what's right, wrong, embarrassing, or not. don't worry about
world peace, the ozone layer, and our ill na na dependency on crude
oil. just worry about what you got inadvertently involved in, right
now. work on the other stuff over your life time. just do the right
thing, which is what you are doing now.

i volunteered bumped on delta last night returning from atlanta.
they gave me $200 delta dollars, a meal voucher, and first class on
the next flight out. i can't complain. delta probably learned its
lesson from what's been on the news. and they knew if they were
going to overbook that they should preemptive strike. they did the
right thing. some people were bummed to get bumped but nobody seemed

love, me

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