Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Celebrity Endorsement from a Grammy Award-winning Artist

Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blog 91: Jet Gives The Blues
Current mood: shocked

noone knows the trouble i've seen
ESPECIALLY while traveling.
its NOTHING for me to clock in
24 hours of travel at any given point
i even boasted of performing in no less than
6 time zones in a 30 hour period.
unlike my president (H.O.) i don't use a clearport
sometimes tourbus (more than 4 gigs in a row)
sometimes 2 tourbuses (more than 2 weeks worth of gigs)
sometimes a train (japan and northeast gigs from philly)
sometimes i drive in my raggedy scion (under 100 miles)
sometimes first class (i earned miles and i pay out the ass if flight is more than 10 hours)
sometimes coach--

most of the time its smooth sailing.

but most times it aint smooth sailing.

i've had asshole flight attendants deny my computer bag on board or kirk's fragile guitar because of space. i've laced many a crook with the freshest of size 13 air force rares (never got to sport my HARD to find Basqiat printed Boks) gotten my bags DRENCHED in water during the rain, lost record cases RIGHT before a gig---sheeeit some lucky mofo dont even know he owns 7 sly and the family stone protool masters discs thanks to those fuckers from air france.

which leads to a very good friend of mine: genevive

you ever watch the news and wonder if someone you know is going to be "the big story on action news tonight?

(non philadelphians take note...on our abc news program the news always falls like this "good evening i'm jim gardner: oprah comes to philadelphia, bush stops the war, and septa threatens another transit strike: BUT THE BIG STORY ON ACTION NEWS TONIGHT THE IVERSON CLAN ARRESTED IN YET ANOTHER DENVER BRAWL AT BENNIGANS.....")

well i was in the gym and i heard a familiar name in conjunction with the tragedy of the new york jetblue 11 hour runway valentine disaster. turns my instincts were right on the money:

gen and her boyfriend were planning a romantic valentine day in the west coast only to sit on the runway of jfk for 11 hours.

11 hours

that aint even a trip to europe on british airwaves.

11 hours.....no getting off the plane no walking to terminal

that is getting on the plane at 630am and not getting off til 5pm!

i HAD to lead you to her blog....its making the news

(take is away gen)

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