Monday, February 26, 2007

From A A - Bogus "Bill Of Rights" -- JetBlue is *really* sneaky

Hey Everyone - This is an interesting read. Check it out.

Hi AA - I actually did my due dilligence on the few prople I've trusted enough to share anything with. Thank god for friends with connections.

The "Bill Of Rights" is completely a PR move. It has almost no substance.

1. It assumes that NORMAL OPERATIONS FOR JETBLUE includes 3 hours on a runway departing, 3 hours arriving (i.e. there are no "rights" for any runway time below 3 hours).
2. It points to language in their Contract of Carriage which says that ALL THE "RIGHTS" ARE INVALIDATED IF THE WEATHER IS BAD.
3. It says that JetBlue will only START trying to figure out how to get you off the runway after FIVE HOURS have elapsed.
4. It offers no 'CAP' at ALL on the amount of time they will leave you on a runway. (American caps you at 4 hours after they were sued for a similar incident, although for American, it was one plane, not ten planes)

Other info:

The YouTube video posted by JetBlue is filled with comments which were created by JetBlue employees masquerading as JetBlue passengers. Read the comments on:
You'll see that many "fake" YouTube IDs which were created by JetBlue employees were "outted" by the YouTube community. Search for the word "employee" in the comments.


I was one of the people who posted YouTube comments, and I received an email (via YouTube mail) offer similar to the offer you are getting from JetBlue: "Hey, come talk to me!" Given the amount of "secret" posting by JetBlue employees on YouTube, I have no confidence that their offer was a genuine attempt to help. I think they were trying to get me to "shut up". The offer I got was worded in a way that essentially challenged me to start a dialogue directly with Jetblue. I saw it simply as an attempt to get me to not post negative comments about JetBlue on their CEO's video.

To that point. You mention that you've had conversations with 'somebody' who is offering you 'free legal guidance' in your efforts. Are you certain that this 'somebody' isn't actually in the employ of JetBlue, given the rapidity with which they acknowledged your activities by buying the ".Net" domain name?

The reason I ask is that they are exhibiting some very 'sneaky' behaviour in trying to control the spin about their inhumane treatment of their passengers.

I was pretty floored that the JetBlue communications department would monitor the YouTube comments, create fake YouTube IDs, and then use those fake IDs to contradict genuine people who voiced their displeasure with JetBlue, and also post false "I'm a customer and JetBlue is just Great!" messages. It was sickening, really.

Sent: February 21, 2007
Subject: your JetBlue comments

Hi, My name is Morgan, I'm contacting you under my personal account rather than the account under which I posted the video of JetBlue CEO David Neeleman which I did as part of my roll as a member of the JetBlue corporate communications team.

I'm writing under my personal account in an effort to make it clear that I'm not interested in representing JetBlue in my correspondence with you. While colored by my employment, and my status as a JetBlue stock-holder, anything I say is not 'from JetBlue.'

You seem to have a great deal of frustration toward the airline and I'd like to have a conversation with you about it.

I'm not asking you to stop your continued comments on the video as it is entirely your right, and valid concerns are often raised, and I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt from your comments you've got an actual agenda to communicate and aren't simply "trolling" the page.

if you're interested in talking with someone who is a confirmed crewmember (I'm unaware of any other crewmembers who are currently posting in that thread, though I'll concede it's likely.) I would ask that you send a response. If you're as interested in accountability as you claim to be, I would ask that you take this opportunity to talk and perhaps I might give you some observations from my standpoint.

thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

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