Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The View From the Seven and a Halfth Floor

Apology 2.0

This video probably marks the first time that a CEO of a major corporation has issued a public apology via YouTube. This is certainly one of the most unique uses of the user-produced web ("Web 2.0") that I have seen. This also marks the only time in recent memory when I can remember a CEO issuing such a public apology without having personally committed a grievous offense (i.e. massive fraud, participated in illegal activities). Then again, jetBlue has always done things a little bit differently (free TV, blue potato chips, sensible airfares and change policies that other airlines have been forced to match), and most people in New York and California (the last two places I've lived) can't imagine life without them.

Let's hope they're sincere, and that the events of the past week (which canceled my cousins' vacation, amongst thousands of others), were a once-in-a-lifetime problem.

UPDATE: Web 2.0 cuts both ways. Somebody has already registered the domain name, and has posted blog entries and youtube videos of her 11-hour ordeal.

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