Sunday, February 18, 2007

James P Was Black Listed! WHAT AWFUL TREATMENT!

Dear JetBlue hostage,

My story is different from yours. I was in JFK airport on 16-Feb-2007, the Friday after Valentine's day. I was running to catch a flight after waiting for it for 3+ hours. I bumped into a JetBlue employee. The employee went crazy, over-reacted, called security, had me escorted from the airport. Worst of all the employee put me on the "blacklist". I still haven't found out what that means. It is crazy that upset employees are allowed to put passengers on no-fly blacklists after what was going on there at JFK. The JetBlue employee was an inexperience young hot tempered man, who shouldn't of had the authority to do such a thing. I don't plan on flying with JetBlue anymore. The employees are terrible.

sorry the rest of you had to wait on the plane for 11 hours.

james p. II

Dear James,

This is absolutely HORRIFYING! What happened sounds to me like a touch of projecting. You were the victim of someone taking out all the grief he must have been getting from other hostages on someone who was an easy target. I will keep your email on file should anyone from Jetblue contact me (fingers crossed) about somehow making this up to you. What a humiliating experience.

Good luck!

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