Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Riddle Time Again, FAA Edition

Riddle me this?

What airline violated major FAA guidelines by opening the cockpit door (the guildelines state the cockpit door should remain closed from the time you leave the gate until you reach the arrival gate) and allowed passengers in the cockpit, in the pilot chair? The pilot even went as as to walk out of the cock pit WITH a passenger in his seat?

I'll give you one guess.

Thanks to one smart reader who filed a complaint with the FAA, this incident is under investigation.

Yet, if we somehow decided to take control of the situation and opened the door allowing us to exit, (according to the FAA "taking control of the aircraft,") we'd be categorised as hijackers and arrested, per the warning of the crew. This is accordance with the FAA. That's called the Crew preaching what they don't practice.

What makes one FAA violation more important than another? The thought that it might be inhumane to expect the pilot to stay cooped up in a cockpit for 11 hours? Go figure.

Your thoughts please.

If you have your own stories of the cockpit door being opened on your "flight" email me at jetbluehostage@gmail.com.


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