Monday, February 19, 2007

Kate Starr's Own Private JetBlue Hell

From Jetbluehostage myspace friend Kate Starr :

I and a member of my band were told to wait from 5pm until about 11am the next day causing us to miss a very important recording session, thus causing us to have the mixes rushed for my new album and now we are having to pay hundreds of dollars trying to repair the problems and possibly lose a deal with a major label studio.

Jet Blue wouldn't even offer us a hotel to wait in and continually told us that at anytime we may be able to leave...

Although we weren't stranded on a plane, we were stranded in an aweful airport, didn't get a min. of sleep the night before a very important recording session in NYC. Then we were hours late for it after finally renting a car and driving 8 hours like a bat out of hell trying to get there to salvage any of our studio time. We didn't.

Sorry if you had to wait on the plane for ours as we've heard others did. Cheers

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