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Monday February 19, 2007
Harvick Gets the Checkered Flag, JetBlue Gets a Black Eye

How 'bout the crazy ending to that Daytona 500 yesterday?

Man oh man, that reminded me of my former days in rush hour on the West Side Highway (although Mopac here in Austin runs a close second)!

Kudos to Kevin Harvick for making his brilliant white flag end around forever-a-bridesmaid driver and second place finisher Mike Martin.

Harvick went from 34th to 12th in the opening 12 laps, then spent much of the rest of the race in the top 10 before making his charge in the Super Bowl of stock car racing.

Of course, if you think the idea of driving an average of 160+ MPH around an oval track for 500 miles won't get you anywhere, perhaps you should call JetBlue, which suffered a major black eye this past week after Jack Winter swept through the northeast and threw JetBlue's operations into a tailspin.

I'm slated to head to New York City tomorrow myself on JetBlue, but all flights in and out of Austin, Richmond, VA, Pittsburgh, PA, Charlotte, and Raleigh/Durham, and a whole bunch of other cities were cancelled over the weekend and today.

If I don't show up to your meeting in NY, now you'll know why.

I spent the weekend trying to get through to one of their agents to find out the status of my flights, but to no avail. Their 800 # recording basically told me to take a hike, and their Web site wasn't much more help, as I couldn't seek the status of a flight more than a day out.

And the company is taking a full-on citizen journalist beating in the Blogosphere. On around February 17, "JetBlue" mentions on Technorati skyrocketed, with crazy-mad and disgruntled travellers putting up sites like

Ouch. And here to think, all I wanted was a flight to JFK and maybe a bag of peanuts.

Anyhow, I'll keep you posted about my own travels. Get it? Posted? Jet Blue blogger?

Yeah, well meanwhile, remember this great video about Web 2.0? Searchblog's John Battelle tracked down its author, Dr. Michael Wesch, an assistant professor of cultural anthropology at Kansas State University, for an in-depth interview.

Dr. Wesch explains what inspired him to make the video, but also goes on to discuss the implications and opportunities he believes digital technology presents to our world:

"It might enable us to truly see one another once again and all the ways we are interconnected. It might help us create a truly global view that can spark the kind of empathy we need to create a better world for all of humankind....[But] if we don't understand our digital technology and its effects, it can actually make humans and human needs even more invisible than ever before."

It's pretty inspirational stuff, actually.

However, before we all break into "Kum-Ba-Yah" and save the world, let me just state for the record I'd first like to have a computer with an operating system that only crashes on holidays and weekends.

I'm just sayin'.

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