Monday, February 26, 2007

Logan has a question for you.

Logan, I am not a Lawyer, nor do i have a lawyer. I'm not sure I an going down the class action route. BUT, if people email in for you or if there are people who are interested in that, I'll be happy to share your information. I'll contact you via email to make sure this is ok


To Whom it May Concern:

I was of the people that got stuck by JetBlue errors last week in JFK. I was lucky that I was not of the passengers that were on the plane for several. I feel so bad for those passengers.

I am emailing you, because I am hoping for some information. To start off with, I am not a lawyer, but am thinking of hiring a lawyer for class action lawsuit against JetBlue for last week problems. I have meet with a lawyer that might be willing to do this class action lawsuit. If this lawyer decided to the case of if I need to find one, I still need information.

The usefully information would be from Jet blue passengers from Feb 14, 2007 and the flowing days that were effect and might be interested in a civil suite against JetBlue Airways. I would need those people's first name, email address (so I can contact them about a lawyer), a short description of their experience last and approximately cost due to JetBlue (such as hotel cost, lost of wages, lost of vacation money, plane ticket, etc.). This would help information to help me to find a lawyer that would be interested in the case.

I sincerely believe Jetblue made multiply errors last week and they customer, include me deserve more than their bill of rights that they are offering. I do not believe that their Bill of Rights comes close to the amount people had suffered and spend last week due to their errors. Again please note that I am not a lawyer. All the information that I might receive via email, will not be shared with anyone except possible lawyer that might be interested in taking this case for the case. If you have any questions feel free to email me.



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Nick said...

On June 27, the flight from Tampa, Florida to Newark, NJ was diverted to Dulles Airport. Landing at 12:30. A comedy of errors or lies from the staff of Jet Blue was experienced. Though Jet Blue emoployee "Tony" (who came in much later in the morning) was completl trutful. We were up all this time, getting no sleep. We left by bus at 10:50am arriving Newark at 4:00 pm. Jet blue paid for a breakfast, we did not receive any money for lunch. It was a terrible experience, there were babies and children that had to endure this experience.