Sunday, February 25, 2007


Hi guys,

Lots of you have been writing in predicting Neeleman is going to CANCEL our meeting.

Here's a little background. I was told that Neeleman was available to meet me at MY convenience. Obviously it's a delicate balancing act; meet before the story is cold but give me enough time to educate myself.

I gave a date.

They called back within the hour to tell me Neeleman was out of town and it was pushed back a few days. (So much for MY convenience.)

I was specifically asked to NOT post the date for security reasons and I won't. But it IS this week.

If the meeting does not happen this week, you know that they not only applied the "Charm Offensive" but the stall tactic.

I have too much invested, too many people behind me, too many media contacts, too much information and too much pride to forget.

I will not let the story be forgotten.
Plus I have something they want.

Let's hope that Neeleman and the JetBlue flacks aren't trying to pacify me, cos I am a stubborn woman of mettle. Ask Charlie, I don't back down.


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S said...

Hey Genevieve-
It's Shaily- you go girl! I am soo proud of you- I know if you do meet with the CEO of JetBlue you're going to do an awesome job of representing the passengers and what you all suffered through.
I also feel confident that with you in the room, some positive resolution will result.
Good luck - I am totally thinking of you and still bummed you didn't make it out to LA.

Love and Hugs,