Monday, February 19, 2007

Catchup Lady Shouts Out! - JetBlue's worst nightmare

The internet and the world of Web 2.0 has given every citizen and consumer a voice. Now everyone must grapple with the age old questions, "Powers for good? Or powers for eeevil?"

Genevieve, a self-identified "hostage" on JetBlue flight #351 from JFK last week has started a blog entitled, "JET BLUE: A VALENTINE'S DAY HOSTAGE CRISIS" and is seeking to highlight the ordeal that she and others went through last week because of, "the poor decision making and planning of JetBlue Coporate." Genevieve will post others experiences and offers this synopsis of her own imprisonment, "Nothing says 'I love you' like being held hostage on a frozen plane with the man you love, 99 strangers, 4 other people you happen to know, 4 screaming babies and 3 rambunctious kids running about, nothing but chips and soda for sustenance, faulty power, unreliable direct TV and overfilled sewage system for 11 hours."

While it's hard to know if this blog will take off, or fade away with the situation it's this type of citizen journalism that gets picked up quickly be traditional media outlet and creates even MORE headaches for the offending company as they try to pick their way through the PR rubble of a situation like last week's ice storms. Behold! The power of the internets!

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