Friday, February 16, 2007

NY1, My own comment "DUH"

JetBlue Admits Mistake In 10-Hour Tarmac Delay

February 16, 2007

JetBlue has admitted that it waited too long to ask for help when it left hundreds of passengers stuck on planes for as much as 10 hours during Wednesday's storm.

The company's CEO says the airline waited nearly five hours before calling Port Authority officials to bring in buses to unload 10 planes that were stuck on runways at John F. Kennedy Airport in Brooklyn.

Once the buses were called in, some passengers were off the planes in as little as 30 minutes.

JetBlue says it held out too long for an opportunity to get the planes off the ground.

The airline is offering refunds to those whose flights were cancelled and a free round trip ticket for anyone stranded on a plane for more than three hours Wednesday.

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