Friday, February 16, 2007

Lady Fae Blog: fuck you, JetBlue, and your little dog toto too

fuck you, JetBlue, and your little dog toto too

[Feb. 16th, 2007|09:46 pm]

so aparently the suckage of losing our reservations at Finale on wednesday because of the storm was not enough.

Aparently we also had to lose our reservations to Arizona.

We were supposed to fly to Phoenix at 5:50, nonstop on JetBlue. When we left the house at 4, everything was ok and on time.

When we got there at 4:50, we were told the flight was delayed til 9pm. Ok, this sucks.

Then it was delayed until 9:50. Ok, sucking more.

Then at 6 it was revised to leaving at 8:10. Alright! Things are looking up!

At 7:20 the flight is cancelled. Yes. CANCELLED.

...did I mention this was their only flight to Phoenix?

We spent another hour waiting in lines, only to discover there was absolutely nothing we could do. Everything was delayed, and flights were being cancelled left and right. The next flight they had going to Phoenix was Tuesday. We could try another airline, but at that point the soonest we could get there was tomorrow night.

We were supposed to leave Sunday night for an overnight. Yeah, not going to work so much. We got a refund on the tickets, altho I'm out 60 bucks for a car rental that will now go completely unused. But worse is that I'm out one trip to Arizona. I cant express just how much it sucks to be stuck here back home. My head was already travelling there. I was looking forward to this so much! And now because of the fucktards at the airport...everything's ruined.

What the fucking hell is wrong with 2007??!?

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