Friday, February 16, 2007

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February 16, 2007

Jet Blue apologizes, Northwest gives you the finger

The story of JetBlue passengers being stuck on the tarmac at JFK in this week's icestorms almost brought a tear to my eye. Especially when it was announced that JetBlue was deeply sorry and would be offering anyone stuck on the tarmac for more than three hours a full refund and complimentary ticket anywhere within its system.Duluth

It bought to mind a little experience my family had flying back from Utah one winter. We're flying through Minneapolis on our way home to Michigan and are flying into a blizzard. So instead of landing us in a city where we could potentially catch another flight home, they put us down in Duluth (DULUTH!) in the path of the storm. The storm catches up with us (shocker!) and six jumbo jets are stuck on the Duluth County Airport runway for NINE HOURS. The toilets clogged, there was no food (it was just a three hour tour, right!?), and passengers went batty on our DC-9 and opened the back door to smoke, much to our distraught stewardesses dismay. Finally city buses came and got us, dropped the crew off at the one nice hotel in town and took us to the Edgewater Inn, where it was eventually announced the planes were leaving first come first served in the morning. CLUUUUUSTER FUCK! What did we get out of it? Like 500 World Perks miles. Thanks a lot NWA*

*NWA Gods, don't curse me I'm flying tomorrow...

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