Friday, February 16, 2007

Anonymous Posters Experience from CrankyFlier Blog

In our case we weren't one of the unfortunates stranded on the tarmac but, this experience wasn't fun either...

My family was scheduled to depart on Jet Blue 2/14/07 from ft. lauderdale to JFK. Automated phone system kept saying departing on schedule. Online it first listed flight as delayed then cancelled yet representative insisted her screen showed it was going to depart. (How is that for the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.) Went to the airport. No boards showing status of flights. Told by skycap it was cancelled. Lines out the door. Told by personnel to go home and call from there. Called Jet Blue again and told nothing is flying into JFK. NOT TRUE! They were contending that their flights were cancelled due to weather but only seemed to apply to them. Apparently they didn't have any clout in the pecking order. Hung passengers out to dry! Their once friendly demeanor rapidly deteriorated. They played the weather card and wouldn't offer compensation so my family got stuck with an extra day stay and car rental. This is what they call service.... NOT!

The next day Jet Blue didn't even answer their phones or have an automated system to check departures (or arrivals) There was only a message to " check online". Did they think that everyone had internet access and were carrying a computer in their pocket? The thursday flight took off a couple of hours late and stayed on the tarmac at LGA upon arrival. The pilot said at first there was someone in their spot and then it was "there is a bit of a traffic jam"

This airline dropped the ball all the way around. Do you think that they shouldn't have to take any responsibility for their substandard service and utter incompetence. "Sorry" just doesn't cut it and shouldn't have to.

They should have a Bill of Rights to force them to make ammends if they don't have the sense to do it on their own.

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DadEO said...

The entire DadLabs production crew recently spent 18 hours in the jetBlue terminal at JFK. It was Valentine's Day.

So we're bitter. But when life gives you lemons, make poetry.

So we are inviting you, creative DadLabs passengers, to help us shake our puny fists at the man. Submit your poetry that decries/commemorates the recent airline meltdown in the comments here. The bitter editors at will then select the best poem in each division and and award it a $50 gift certificate at our DadLabs store.

Our poetry contest has two divisions:

The jetBlue Haiku
Show the airline your 5-7-5


Enter our "Roses are Red/I Flew jetBlue" category with a variation on the famous verse.