Saturday, April 14, 2007

Why Why Why JetBlueHostage?

When I set out to do this blog, it was in an effort to give people a community to voice their dismay with the Golden Child of Airlines, JetBlue. I had been wrong, many people had been wronged and there was inequity in our compensation compounded by the fact that it was insufficient and didn't cover reimbursements for things like Taxi Cabs or Hotels.

Weeks went by and as I tried to move past it and Jetblue tried to forget about me, or more importantly prayed that YOU would forget about me, it turns out that JetBlue continued to make the same mistakes or would over compensate for their mistakes by pre-emptively canceling flights at any sign of bad weather. I joked with friends that Jet Blue had pre-emptively cancelled all flights from now til June. Emails continued to come in from disgruntled customers.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the blogosphere. Employees. factory workers and aviation "experts" started writing in to me and I was exposed to another part of JetBlue, something a lot more unsettling than an unfriendly and unhelpful gate agent. Questionable business practices were called into question like Routes and Fuel Capacity, cutting corners in factories in South America that build the JetBlue planes and extending Crew Time to dangerous limits.

I decided that instead of aligning myself with a federally regulated Bill Of Rights or a Class Action Lawsuit, that I would work towards finding out the truth of JetBlue operations.

With the help of people who know the inner workings of JetBlue and Aviation, I'll use this blog to put these findings up, good or bad.

We will still be your community to voice your concerns, so keep those emails coming.

And I enjoy the HATE MAIL-Someone once told me, you're not truly successful until you start getting hatemail.
Thanks to you my mom is proud of me!

Enjoy part I and II below on the truth of the A320. Shortly, we'll tell you all about Crew time and Neeleman's crusade to extend the number of hours a pilot is able to fly despite the direct relation of aviation accidents to pilot exhaustion.

We'll also talk soon about JetBlue's newest plane the EMB190.


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