Friday, April 13, 2007

Some Things Never Change, Do They JetBlue

My flying with Jetblue this weekend was a disaster.

I'm undecided with whats worse, Jetblue or JFK. The flight was due to leave Pittsburgh at 7:00pm. At that time they made an announcement that they had to delay because of "volume" into JFK. By the way in was clear and sunny skies. At 8:30 they begin boarding. About halfway to JFK we start a holding pattern because the pilot came on and said it was rush hour at JFK. I
think we made it to JFK around 11pm.

I run to my connecting flight that has been waiting for mine and several other flights to Burlington. It was another hour waiting in the plane for the other planes.

When I finally get to Burlington at 4:00am my luggage is nowhere to be found. I had to go fill out a lost baggage form.

Ready for the trip back to Pittsburgh?

We get an hour delay from Burlington because of "weather" which was only rain. The flight from JFK to Pittsburgh was supposed to leave at 9pm got canceled untill 1am because the plane we were supposed to take was in Washington Dulles.

The Food in New York was $4 a slice for pizza? Are you kidding me? $2.50 for a soda?

So the plane arrives at JFK we are supposed to get on. We are all aboard at 1:30am and the pilot makes an announcement "i'm sorry but we are experiancing some equipment problems and are going to have to do a restart and it involves shutting everything off for 10

There we are at 1:30 in the morning sitting in a dark airplane at JFK. Everyone around me is cracking jokes.

We got to Pittsburgh at 4:00am just in time for me to go to class.

It made for a long day with no sleep. I'll never go Jetblue again. They need a new Hub. JFK sucks.

Jim, Another "proud" Jetblue passenger

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