Saturday, April 14, 2007

JET BLUE AIRWAYS- “Unsafe at Any Altitude or Attitude” Part I

(Submitted by and written by David F.)

The First Article in a Continuing Series on Why JetBlue Airways is Unsafe to Fly

Imagine possessing a spectator’s vantage point, for whence the “Pilgrims” arrived upon a “rock” situated in Plymouth Massachusetts, and established a “settlement” the 16th Day of the Month of December in the Year 1620.

The undiluted clarity of your “spectator” perch is augmented by one absolute fact, and one absolute facet of imagination. The “fact” is that all of the events your about to witness for the next 386 + years are entirely real. The “imaginary” element is that you possess a “remote control” and can Fast Forward, Rewind, and Pause what you're upon the threshold of viewing.

The American History 101-“esque” introduction to a discourse upon the safety of flying upon Jet Blue Airways, is remarkably simplistic, and can be summed up in a single conceptual phrase; “Manifest Destiny”. Bearing witness to the “process” of nearly any entity or action--- a Country--- a Human Life-- the History of a Corporation---Baking a batch of cupcakes, will result in a single absolute….“Manifest Destiny”.

At this moment you ought to be, very understandably, weary of the purpose of this specific writing. You may possibly be questioning if any salient conclusion resides as “reward” for reading onward? How could American History, safety aboard a Jet Blue aircraft, baking a cupcake, and the concept of “manifest destiny” possibly be intertwined? Your questioning is valid. Yet, in a moment a very simple answer shall be forthcoming, and it is an important answer, and you have found yourself upon a very important blog/web site for the sanctity of preserving your “well being”, and the overall sense of “public trust”.

Prior to revealing, the “simple answer”, please allow for a very succinct “history” for the blog/web site. “JetBlueHostage” is the result of a very difficult day, February 14, 2007, for both Jet Blue Airways and its passengers alike. On that day Jet Blue Airways experienced operational difficulties, due to weather, that caused “unanticipated” hardships for itself, passengers, and it’s much vaunted “brand” reputation. Passenger’s boarded Jet Blue aircraft at JFK International Airport in New York, the aircraft left their respective gates, and approximately ten hours later the aircraft returned to the gates from which they had departed. The “exception” which made this extremely mundane process remarkable, was a single “curiosity”, the Jet Blue Airways aircraft hadn’t reached any specific or intended destination prior to resuming position at a the Jet Blue Airways JFK terminal. Instead, these JetBlue Airways aircraft had, in approximately the window of time it would take to fly nonstop from JFK-Sao Paulo Brazil, traveled all of 4 or 5 miles whilst taxing wholly upon the JFK airport tarmac, never actually taking flight. So what!

No passengers were grievously injured; no Jet Blue Airways aircraft---aside from a few sewage “issues”--- were damaged, and the imprecise science of determining what the “weather is and would be” was the root cause. Again, so what!!! How, aside from personal property (baggage) not being promptly returned, was this event---presently termed a “massacre” by those within the Corporate Headquarters of Jet Blue Airways---any different from a massive “rain delay” at the ballpark? In fact, a compelling argument can be substantiated that the Jet Blue Airways passengers on 3.14.07 were exposed to conditions far less rigorous then those “unfortunates” attending a rainy baseball game. The Jet Blue passengers were---offered free beverages every few hours, occupied leather reclining seats, had access to a personal television, and the ratio of bathrooms to people was far superior to what is encountered in the confines of a baseball Stadium (provided a passenger was aboard an aircraft where the rest room facilities were properly functioning)---whereas those exposed to a “rain delay” at a baseball game---would have to pay for all refreshments, have the soggy field as a source of entertainment, and are probably sitting upon hardened plastic. Again so what!!!

The answer to “so what” is that, was conceived out of a “massacre” like experience, in an effort to create a forum for those who were exposed. The actual result of has been the realization that Jet Blue Airways is a very unsafe means of transport, which threatens the safety of both the “collective good” and “public trust”. Your “well being”, the “well being” of your family, and the “well being” of your friends and associates is at peril whence exposed to Jet Blue Airways. Thus, several articles posted upon will now attempt to engage the “Management” of Jet Blue Airways in a question regarding personal safety. Here is the first…

(Part II continued on next Blog...)

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I think the Jet Blue Airways aircraft hadn’t reached any specific or intended destination prior to resuming position at a the Jet Blue Airways JFK terminal.

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