Friday, April 13, 2007

Gary's JetBlue never ends.

Dear Jet Blue:

I was not one your Valentine's Day Hostages, rather one of your victims of a cancelled flight on Friday, March 16, out of JFK. This trip to New York was my first on Jet Blue. I, of course, tried Jet Blue because the rates were good,
and my sister had bragged about you.

Friday morning, March 16th, I called to check on my departing flight, and the message I got indicated my flight was still a go. I spent $65 dollars to get from Manhattan to JFK, only to find out my flight back home had been cancelled. I had to wait in line avery long line to speak with someone about this, and when finally doing so was told that my only options were that I could get a refund of my money and try another airline, or wait until the following
Tuesday or Wednesday for another Jet Blue flight back home. Wow! I could not wait until Tuesday or Wednesday due to my employment commitments, and I asked the gal that I was talking to, if Jet Blue could help me find another flight with another airline as well as help me locate a place to stay in the interim. She simply replied "all I can do is give you a refund or schedule you on another flight Tuesday or Wednesday."

So here I am stranded at JFK, with no place to stay and no way to stay and no way to get out of New York back home. This has never happened to me before, and was maddening. I could live with the cancelled flight (although there were other planes taking off from JFK while all this was going on), but the attitude of "no assistance" really irked me. Other than the two options above stated, they basically were saying "this is your problem, not ours!" Your help at JFK was NO HELP and their indifference to my (and many others) situtation was shocking.

Without going into all the details, I wound up spending all day Friday trying to find another flight, a hotel room, and transportation to and from that hotel back and forth to JFK. This delay and my trip back home cost me over $1000 additional money than my original plans.

I sat in the JFK airport all day Friday and saw no snow, no rain, no nothing that seemed to justify the flight cancellation. I never write and complain to anyone, but this was, in my mind, an incredible unjustifiable inconvenience followed by an incredibly indifferent attitude on the part of Jet Blue employees on duty that day.

Gary R. -----

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