Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Your Assignment and JetBlue's dark history

OK, you found me out. I'm a quasi conspiracy theorist.

I've had a few people email me about a flight I took on JetBlue last week. I talked to one person about it who said that I mention it somewhere on my blog. However up until yesterday, after I came back from said vacation, I don't mention it anywhere. Unless I am missing it.

Here's your assignment: Find on my page WHERE I have mentioned (prior to last night) my trip to LA on JetBlue and email it to me at jetbluehostage@gmail.com.

If it is not on my site, then JetBlue employees are tracking me on JetBlue flights...as if being concerned about travel isn't worrisome enough, I have to worry about my privacy and my checked in property.

If it DOES turn out to that JetBlue is sharing my information/monitoring me, it wouldn't be the first time. JetBlue has violated our privacy before when they shared our private information with the government.

Read here for more info:


(2) Background on the Sharing of Commercial Flight Passenger Data with the US Army

In September, JetBlue confirmed reports that it had violated its privacy policy by sharing passenger information, including names, addresses, phone numbers and itineraries, with Torch Concepts, a contractor for the US Army working on military base security systems.

This was a violation of JetBlue's own privacy policy in their Carriage of Contract. The same Carriage of Contract that Neeleman told me was his legally binding contract with his customers that protects us and ensures that he will follow the Bill of Rights to the letter.

To review:
JetBlue has a history of violating their own privacy policy
JetBlue has a history of sharing private information.

I'm really hoping one of you finds my post where I mention it, because this violation would cause me to graduate from participating in JetBlue Class action lawsuit (something I have to still explore before I do,) to filing personal lawsuit.


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