Thursday, March 8, 2007

Let the JetBlue employees speak for themselves

Not all JetBlue employees drank the KoolAid....A few unhappy NON-UNIONIZED JetBlue Employees have written in to me. One such employee is a man who has been very supportive of me. The email is below is from him. And he is not ALONE.

On, Click New York. NY JetBlue Emloyee complaints date back to August 2005 and I would say 90% of the complaints are of JetBlue...Keep in mind, this site is open for ANYONE to post thier grievances. If you click on California or Massachusetts, you'll find some fairly recent complaints as well. I don't have the time to click thru all the states, but seeing is believing.

From my supportive JetBlue employee:

Well where to start. JetBlue or otherwise known as Jetblow really sucks as a company to work for. In class they make it out to be the greatest place to work when it reality it really sucks. Over worked and underpaid and under staffed that does sound like one of our 5 values of FUN not at all. Were to start I worked 22 hours on that day of hell otherwise know as Feb 14th. I feel really bad for all the people stuck on the planes for hours on end. I know they could have done something about it but they fucked themselves over this time by trying to look like the hero airline, but only this time it didn't work out as planed. Our crew members are put through hell day in and day out. Three man teams to work heavy flights that's a bunch of bullshit. The new attendance policy sucks also your allowed 5 call outs and 3 late's that's a bunch of garbage. This place is run like a kindergarten for little kids it horrible. Most of the supervisors all suck at what they do, they know how to read their email and sit at a desk all day. Why don't some of them get off their asses and help out their crewmembers that are short handed out on the ramp. We need a union bad we have nobody to stand up for US being GO crewmembers. This is the most Thank less job ever for busting your ass you get nothing for it. Its horrible pay we have to work 6 out of the seven day's to make a living. Every afternoon there is a ground stop in JFK due to something stupid. We better off having a hub in Boise Iadho.

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