Friday, October 23, 2009

Incident: Jetblue E190 at Bermuda on Oct 22nd 2009, flaps problem

Source The Aviation Herald

Incident: Jetblue E190 at Bermuda on Oct 22nd 2009, flaps problem
By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Oct 22nd 2009 22:26Z, last updated Thursday, Oct 22nd 2009 23:30Z

A Jetblue Embraer ERJ-190, registration N229JB performing flight B6-1703 from Boston,MA (USA) to Bermuda (Bermuda) with 79 people on board, was on approach to Bermuda's runway 12 descending through 3000 feet, when the crew reported they had a flaps indication, aborted the approach and climbed back to 5000 feet for troubleshooting. The crew could not resolve the problem and decided - after consulting with maintenance and dispatch - to divert to New York's JFK airport about 10 minutes later. While climbing back to cruise level the crew declared emergency requesting most direct routing indicating about 2:15 hours of fuel remaining at that point and the longest runway 31L/13R at JFK indicating, they'd have no altitude restriction for the cruise back requesting FL380. The airplane climbed back to FL380 and reached New York about 110 minutes later. JFK changed all other approaches from runway 31L to a VOR/DME approach runway 22L in order to facilitate the Jetblue Embraer heading for a LOC approach 31L with 4900lbs of fuel remaining. The crew subsequently performed a visual approach runway 31L, landed safely and vacated the runway without needing further assistance.

TXKF 221955Z 06007KT 020V080 9999 FEW033 24/16 Q1019
TXKF 221855Z 04007KT 010V070 9999 FEW030 24/16 Q1019
TXKF 221755Z 04007KT 340V080 9999 FEW030 24/16 Q1019
TXKF 221655Z 03009KT 360V060 9999 FEW030 24/16 Q1020
TXKF 221555Z 03009KT 9999 FEW030 24/16 Q1021
TXKF 221455Z 02010KT 9999 FEW030 24/16 Q1021


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