Thursday, May 10, 2007


JetBlue CEO pushed out

Founder David Neeleman will be replaced by President Dave Barger. The shift comes after an embarrassing service meltdown this winter.

May 10 2007: 9:38 AM EDT
NEW YORK (Reuters) -- JetBlue Airways Corp. Thursday pushed out founder David Neeleman as chief executive three months after a service meltdown.

JetBlue said he would carry on as non-executive chairman playing a more strategic role.
The budget carrier replaced Neeleman, 47, with president Dave Barger, 49, effective immediately.

The sudden change in leadership comes after JetBlue suffered an embarrassing service disruption on Feb. 14 that exposed weaknesses in the seven-year-old airline's operations.
A Valentine's Day ice storm stranded passengers on planes for hours, led to nearly 1,200 flight cancellations over several days, and cost the company more than $30 million.

"The board suggested to David that he could best serve the company in a more strategic role. David agreed," JetBlue spokeswoman Jenny Dervin said. "The conversation was initiated by the board."

Shares of JetBlue (Charts) edged lower late Wednesday on Nasdaq.
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Anonymous said...

Good....see jetblue is really messed up

Anonymous said...

I would like to introduce myself I am a former jetblue crewmember who has really been f...ed by them... I have also come up with my own sites

T said...

I'm a JB crewmember that's been anything but f...ed by the company. In fact, I can't really think of ways they can improve. David Neeleman's move is heartbreaking to many of us; the man is amazing and did things no other CEO would've done for his employees. I'm sorry about the events that occurred on Feb 14, but let's not pretend JetBlue was the only airline on the tarmac. I can't believe you would think they didn't do everything they could to get you out of there. We're JetBlue, we pride ourselves in our customer service. There's a reason why we're the "darling of the industry." In any case, you have your mind made up, and that's okay. I just think you're being completely unfair and well, a bit of a child.

Anyway, here's how things are going on our end. So much for your website...

After rankings, JetBlue's Laughing Last
By: Tom Fontaine, Times Staff

JetBlue Airways suffered through a nightmarish February as weather-related problems created massive cancellations and delays throughout its system and made the low-cost carrier the butt of jokes on late-night talk shows.

That probably caused irreparable damage to the airline's reputation, right?


For the third year in a row, JetBlue had the highest overall score in a customer-satisfaction survey by the marketing firm J.D. Power and Associates. And it wasn't even close. JetBlue, which launched service at Pittsburgh International Airport a year ago, scored 810 points out of a possible 1,000 in the survey.

Frontier Airlines, another low-cost carrier, finished a distant second with 750 points.

"February was a tough month for us. It was an unfortunate period in our history, but it definitely is not the standard at JetBlue. It was uncharacteristic of our airline," said JetBlue spokeswoman Alison Eshelman.

US Airways, the No. 1 carrier at Pittsburgh International Airport, finished 10th out of the 12 airlines rated, with 655 points. A year earlier, US Airways finished ninth on the survey.

The survey rated airlines in seven areas of customer service based on responses from passengers who took a commercial flight between April 2006 and April of this year.

J.D. Power and Associates' latest customer-satisfaction survey measured the nation's major airlines in seven key areas: cost and fees, flight crew, in-flight services, aircraft, boarding/deplaning/baggage, check-in, and reservation.

Here's how they fared:
1. JetBlue - 810 points out of 1,000
2. Frontier - 750 points.
3. Southwest - 744 points.
4. AirTran - 721 points.
5. Continental - 704 points.
6. Delta - 680 points.
7. American - 670 points.
8. Alaska Airlines - 668 points.
9. United - 659 points.
10. US Airways - 655 points.
11. Air Canada - 648 points.
12. Northwest - 646 points.

T said...

Oh yeah...if you were on the United flight that day, what did you get? 20% off your next flight.

You should fly them next time. I hear they're just wonderful.

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